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Golfer Login

Login to your GolfNet system to post scores and manage your handicap. You will be automatically redirected to your association’s posting web page. Additionally, you may access online posting through your association’s web site.

Trouble logging in? Here are some tips…

General password help

Our new Golfer Login requires case sensitive passwords. In the past, you might have been able to login with non-case sensitive passwords. If you were provided a password and are not sure which letters should be upper case and lower case, here is an example to help you troubleshoot your login issues.

Previously accepted passwordgolfnet | Now requiredGolfnet

It is possible that you have more than one upper case letter. You may need to try several variations before arriving at the correct password. If you are still unable to login, please contact your club for the correct password.

Can’t login to your My… account?

If you have a MyKPGA, MyCGA, MYMSGA, MySCGA, or MyGAF account, please login with your registered username and password, rather than your golfer number and club password.

Trying to use your golfer number and suffix?

The suffix in your golfer number is no longer needed to login to your GolfNet system. Please login with only your golfer number and password (does not apply to My… accounts).

Still need help? Click here to contact our support team.